What The Web

I'm doing an invited keynote for the 2015 Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC) conference link (March 15-17, 2015). This has been an online conference for the last 19 years; for the 20th they are doing it both in person (Oahu) and online. Part of what I am thinking of is looking back at the web of 1996 and then into the future-- with the idea to focus on the ways the future web is not a bunch of linked documents, and how platforms like Smallest Federated Wiki and Known link are compelling but run counter to our intuitions of the web we've known. So it makes kind of sense to do some building of ideas about SFW in SFW.

What the Web Abstract cause I have to draft something soon

Like It Is 1995 ripping off idea for presentation following Brett Victor's Future of Programming talk link

Presentation Shtick how to pull this off

Make That 1996 In which Alan needs to check his math, first TCC Conference was 1996, the dug up history of first TCC

What The Web Presentation here it goes, the outline as links to slides

topics (tentative)

Who Says Who we are (identity)

WebMaker / web literacy

Reclaiming the Web Web that was lost, or not?

The Indie Web